Nash Statesman Country Club Hardtop Coupe Super AirFlyte GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY 207 MADE!

MerkNash Statesman Country Club Hardtop Coupe
ModelSuper AirFlyte
KleurGroen - Wit
Cilinderinhoud3.209 cc
CarrosserieHardtop Coupe
TransmissieHydra Matic (automatic overdrive)



Very very very rare 1954 Nash Statesman Country Club Hardtop Coupe Super Airflyte.

2nd Generation "Golden Airflyte" 

Only 2519 with the 6423 Body style made and only 207 with this "Golden Anniversary" option package!!!  

And this was the most expensive model they ever made. Factory price in 1954 was $2468.

It has the Continental (spare tire) kit, chrome spoke hubcaps, origional AM radio, wide white wall tires, half leather interior and you can change that in a 2 person bed!

The most rare option is the "All-Weather Eye", that's a heating and cooling system and a very expensive option at that time. I never found one with this option! 

Most of these cars has the 3 or 4 speed manual transmission! This Nash has the 4 speed Hydra Matic automatic transmission. Also very hard to find!

The Dual Power Flyte engine is a flathead L6 with 2 UniFlo-Jet Carburators and gives 110HP! That's really not bad at all for that time period..                                        Also the 2 UniFlo-Jet Carburators is not an option that was sold many! 

Exterior designed by the very famous Italian designer PININ FARINA!

Interior for this "GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY" is on special request designed by "THE Madame" Héléne Rothier. She was a very famous designer for "exclusive furneture" in France.    

If you are a Nash lover? Then you know this type is very hard to find.. NO SECOND CHANCE!?

I know what it is worth and I'm happy with around €15,000 less if I find a good home for this beautiful lady..

Take your changes and see this BONE DRY Nash in person.                                                                              It's a very good investment, in a great condition and ready to enjoy!


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