Studebaker Bullit Nose Suicide Doors Champion

ModelBullit Nose Suicide Doors
Cilinderinhoud2.700 cc
Carrosserie4 Deurs Sedan



Very healthy and good looking Studebaker with the Bullit nose that is so famous...                                              ONLY 16.000 ARE MADE IN THIS COMBINATION!!!

It's build in 1950 and that is the only year with the split window in front and rear. It's the 4dr with suicide doors.

We trid to find rust, but there is NO rust!                               It's very solid everywhere you look.

This Champion runs and drives like it should be. It's quit, runs unbelieveble smoothly. The technic is absolutley more then ok.

Interior is really in a great condition, I would give it a 9 for sure! I think it's origional and otherwise they did a very good job to copy to origional.

The chrome all around, inside and oudside is even in a great condition.

The engine compartmet looks vey clean.                            It still has the origional 2700CC flathead line six with a smooth automatic transmission. Runs and shifts like it should be and better..

It has old style (bias ply) wide white walls with a least 80% profile on it. They are not damaged.

Unfortunaly they re-painted the car on the outside and under the hood in a light bleu/gray metallic color.           The origional color would be olive green. This car looks very good, but it's not a show quality paint job!

Of course we can offer you a re-spray in the right color and the right quality if requested, but for the most buyers the paint would be ok on this moment.. But re-spray is no problem at all.

This Studebaker has a Dutch registration and is ready to roll.


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